Never in my life did I think that I would swatch my entire arm with twenty-four eyeshadows. But there I was, sitting at my desk on a late night in 2015, testing out the pigmentation between a drugstore brand of makeup and prestige brand, because I wanted to know if both were identical in quality. I must have taken dozens of photos of the makeup palette and the swatches, before finally deciding on a few. It was from there that I started writing a rough draft of my first makeup review.

Before I started becoming interested in makeup, I should mention that fashion was my first love. I always enjoyed pairing outfits together (when I was younger), with bold colors and patterns. Often, I would find myself in awe of the outfits styled on mannequins at the mall, and if there was clearance sale … I was there! Over the years, my personal style has changed; I’m more interested in the way clothing drapes, to the material, and how the fabric is cut. My interests weren’t always that way about fashion. In fact, my knowledge of fabrics and sewing were pretty limited before I studied Apparel Design in college.

When I first began my degree, I only knew how to do basic hand sewing and had only sewn twice on a sewing machine with help. It was nerve-wracking, because all of my classmates had taken sewing classes at their high school (or they had learned sewing from family members), knew how to use patterns, and had been practicing for years.

Even though I was behind when it came to my sewing experience, I started from the beginning, caught on fast, and worked my way up to learning how to construct clothing from flat patterns and drape my own patterns. Fashion taught me that it is more than the cute dress hanging on a clothing rack in your favorite store; it has a story behind how it got there, why the fabric acts the way it does, why a designer chooses to use specific design techniques for certain garments, and why clothing is priced the way it is. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to share some of the things that I had learned and have the blog delve deeper into fashion topics.

Since that day when I wrote my first blog post, to now, Not Your Cup of Fashion has evolved into a blog that branches out into many different topics ranging from fashion, makeup, skin care, DIY, and lifestyle, because while one topic may not be someone’s cup of tea, another may be!


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