Rose Gold Accessories


If you’ve read my previous article about Express, then you’ll know that I became like Bex from Confessions of a Shopaholic during the scene where she goes to Henri Bendel and admires how gorgeous the green scarf on the mannequin is, tries to talk herself out of it, but ultimately buys it. Well, that was me when the sales associate told me that all of the jewelry was 50% off, because that was the last day before their store turned into an Express Outlet.


I thought that the gold, and rose gold rings would complement the gold hardware of the bag that I was going to buy, and pretty much any outfit that I would wear. The two rose gold rings with the twisted metal, and the cut-out design were what really drew me to them. I ended up finding a stunning rose gold necklace with knot details as well. I loved the simplicity and versatility of the rose gold necklace because it can also be adjusted in length to become a choker, and the knot details were so cute!


Not Your Cup of Fashion 



Thin Knotted Collar Necklace

Four Textured Stackable Rings



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