Express: Turnlock Cross Body Bag


I’ve never owned a taupe handbag before in my life. Now that I have one, I can’t imagine life without it. For the longest time, I’ve been meaning to build a basic handbag collection of white, cognac, taupe, and black. Yet, I’ve always found myself drawn to deep hunter greens, beautiful burgundies, teal, and the very out-there trend of holographic.

It wasn’t until I went shopping last week at Express, originally with the intent of buying work clothes, that I saw this particular handbag hanging gracefully from the wall next to, yes, a cognac and black purse as well. It was one of those moments where it seems that a light shines down on whatever you’re staring at, and your instinct immediately tells you to go with it, or the chance will be gone forever.

After a nice sales associate got a hook to grab the purse down from the extremely high hanger, she also mentioned that all of the handbags were 40% off, and the jewelry was 50% off, because this particular Express was closing and turning into an Express Outlet in the same location, which meant that their product would change. I knew I was doomed, because I was standing near the jewelry and spotted so many cute things, which I’ll talk about in a separate post.


I’ve only had this handbag for four days, but already it’s been my go-to handbag on errands, going to work, and shopping. The design is to die for! It reminds me of the style of the CHLOÉ Drew Leather Shoulder Bag which runs at $1,850 and that lots of fashion bloggers have, except the handbag from Express isn’t leather, nor does it have the knotted chain at the bottom of the strap, or small chain connected to the turnlock like the CHLOÉ Drew does. The Express: Turnlock Cross Body Bag, which I bought for $23.94, is a deal. It pairs well with any color that you can possibly think of, but especially looks amazing with pastels and cream-colored clothing, which makes this taupe handbag the perfect option to have in your wardrobe.


This is the first handbag that I’ve had with a turnlock on it. While I love how secure it keeps your belongings, it does take a little more effort and a few more seconds to put away a wallet and phone when shopping, compared to a zipper, or magnetic closure handbag. But, with that said, it’s very durable, and apparently water repellent, which I unexpectedly found out when we had the worst storm last night with flooding after I got off of work.

I didn’t have an umbrella, so I wore my handbag cross body style, and ran through the parking lot. When I got home, there were some water droplets on the outside of the bag, but it didn’t ruin the material. Even though there were two small gaps that are a part of the design, on each side of the flap of the handbag, none of the rain got through. I was relieved, because my day planner was in there.

Express is not a place I would normally think to buy a new handbag, but I was pleasantly surprised by their selection and how contemporary the styles are. I know I’ll definitely check more often to see when new accessories are released on their online store, and I’m sure I’ll be visiting their new outlet store soon to see what it’s like.


Not Your Cup of Fashion 



Turnlock Cross Body Bag in Gray 432


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