Sweet Summer Party Ideas


One of the things that I love about Dollar Tree is that you find the most unexpected things there. On one of my days off of work this week, I took a trip to Dollar Tree to pick up some home essentials. I didn’t expect that when I was pushing my shopping cart past the dishware aisle that I would find these adorable Coca Cola drinking glasses. I loved the light tint of the green glass, and how they looked like little soda cans. Even though I stopped drinking soda in my high school days, I thought that they would still be cute used as milkshake glasses.


I feel like these would be perfect to serve at a summer party with friends, or even give away as party favors, or gifts for someone you know who loves Coca Cola, or unique drinking glasses. To fill my Coca Cola glass, I blended some vanilla ice cream, strawberries, ice, and milk and topped it with whipped cream and a sprig of mint. And even if you don’t have a reason to have a party, it’s still perfect for a day off with Netflix.


Not Your Cup of Fashion 


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  1. Kianna says:

    Wow. Nice

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