How to Accept Change & Grow from It


A few days ago, I sat looking at a teacup I’d bought from an Anthropologie store months ago. From far away, it looked perfect with its soft pink painted handle, its perfectly rounded shape, and adorable cat print. Up close, there were thin hairline cracks along the inside and outside.

Now, some of you may be thinking something along the lines of…she should have exchanged the teacup for a new one. To which I would reply with, “I did.” In fact, when I’d bought it months ago, the next day I went back to the store with my best friend to exchange it for one that was not broken. Before exchanging it, we inspected every teacup for any imperfections, and then picked out a new one.

Later that night, when I drove home, I was washing the new teacup when I discovered a few cracks in the glaze once again. By that time, I was two hours away from Anthropologie and it was too late. I tried to fix it by following suggestions from online that said to simmer the teacup while submerged in milk which claimed to naturally seal the cracks. That method didn’t work. It was disheartening to be left with a teacup that never could be used to drink tea out of.

For a long time, I just left it out on a desk. It was a teacup I regretted buying and exchanging, because I had put so much time and effort into trying to fix its imperfections. Then, one day, I gathered some of my leftover craft materials and made it into a decorative piece. I filled the inside with peat moss, and clipped a few artificial roses and arranged them in the teacup.

The teacup reminds me of the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” – Elbert Hubbard. Sometimes, life does not go according to plan. Two years ago, a relationship ended that I once believed would last forever, two of my college friends drifted away, I had to put my cat to sleep because of her health conditions, and I felt like anything and everything I tried to do was not good enough. I was not good enough.

It was a year spent trying to figure out life, filled with lots of crying, designing, and writing. But it was through that sadness that my friends and family supported me through, that I rediscovered my love for sewing all over again, and that the beginning of this blog started to form.

In times of despair, it isn’t the easiest thing to pick yourself back up and keep going. You want to grieve, you want time to just stop, and you want to stop thinking. But even when all hope seems lost, even just making a little effort to make a difference, looking at something in a new way, or taking an obstacle and work alongside it, helps you to move forward.


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