Rebecca Minkoff Hologram Bag


As much as I love over-sized handbags, because they’re perfect for throwing your travel essentials in, carrying snacks, and packing an extra sweater; I came to the realization after my vacation in Texas, that my Marc by Marc Jacobs Green Pebbled Leather Shoulder Bag was not perfect on days where I just wanted to carry my phone and wallet when going to a festival, or a quick trip for errands. There was one particular day when I had worn it downtown for a day of shopping with my best friend. Throughout that day, my shoulder felt slightly sore, and by the end of the day, I was left with an imprint of where the crossbody strap had been, as well as a sunburn mark.


When I got home, I researched some handbag options online. I definitely wanted to find a smaller crossbody style that would be the right size to fit the basics like a cellphone, wallet, and possibly a few makeup items. After hours of browsing, I came across this gorgeous hologram bag by Rebecca Minkoff.


The pictures on the Rebecca Minkoff website don’t represent how intense and vibrant the colors of this handbag are. Every way that you turn, and depending on the type of lighting you are in while wearing this handbag, the colors change. The slightly raised pyramid-like texture gives the bag so much character, dimension, and almost the appearance of mermaid scales.


All four zippers on the handbag are functional, and you can easily store receipts, or a tiny lip gloss on the outer top two zippers. The third zipper; however, does not leave much space for storage, but is more for decoration to balance the design. The crossbody strap is also detachable, and easily clips on and off, so if you wanted to use it as a makeup bag, or even as a clutch for a party, you could rock it both ways!




Personally, I can’t wait to pair this with a basic white tee, jeans, and canvas shoes, or even a simple tank dress and sandals this summer. I just love how it will add a bright pop of color and style to any outfit as a statement piece!

Not Your Cup of Fashionย 

Where to Purchase:

Rebecca Minkoff:ย 4 Zip Moto Camera Bag in Hologram

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  1. diiblogs says:

    This bag is soo beautiful ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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