When in Chrome…

Where has the time gone? It literally feels like it was just Friday after I got off of work, and then Saturday and Sunday danced in a whirlwind of raindrops, and now it’s Tuesday. I feel like a majority of my weekend was spent traveling. I boarded the bus early Saturday afternoon, arrived up north to visit my friend, went to dinner at Jason’s Deli and ordered a Zucchini Garden Pasta which was exactly the kind of comfort food I needed on a gloomy, rainy day.

Not too long after dinner on Saturday night, we drove over to a movie theatre to see Beauty & the Beast. The live action movie captured moments from the original animated Beauty & the Beast of my childhood, and managed to seamlessly add new songs that fit in beautifully. The costumes were gorgeous! And the actors portrayed the heart and soul of the message of the movie.

Sunday morning, my friend and I made a Dunkin Donuts run to pick up a Chai Latte and regular coffee to go with some breakfast pizza at her house. We talked a lot, watched tv, played a board game or two, and then it was time for our nail salon appointment, and henna appointment. It was the first time for me to get my nails done, as well as henna.

I had scrolled through Pinterest photos the night before of different nail designs and finishes. I’d seen chrome nails almost everywhere on Pinterest. The mirrored look intrigued me, and despite the fact that I never treat myself to spa days, or get my nails done, I decided it’d be okay to splurge this once just to try it out


Let’s just say I am officially in love with chrome nails, I can see why they are so popular. The process of getting them done is also an exciting adventure in itself. It is kind of like a magic show when the finish is revealed.

First, a clear coat is painted on, then cured under a LED light, black gel polish goes on with two coats, cured once again under the LED light, and then a gorgeous silver chrome dust is buffed on top of the nails with a sponge tip applicator until it transforms into a mirrored effect.

Getting a henna tattoo was also an interesting process, because it is from the henna plant which is made into a dye, or paste that is filled in a squeeze tube. The tube has a very pointed end, very similar to a piping bag for frosting cakes, which you use to quickly design with. Once the paste is on your skin, you let it dry completely and then peel off the layer.


What is left is an ink in either red, brown, or black depending on what kind of henna you use. My best friend recommended brown or red henna, because black henna has been known to cause allergic reactions to the skin for some people.

The design usually lasts a week or two, and gradually fades when exposed to water, soap, etc. Depending on how long you leave the henna on as it dries, will determine how dark the pigment will be. In the future, I feel like it’d be fun to order a henna kit online and create my own designs.

I always love spending time with my friends and it’s nice to take a break from work. Sometimes, work, school, life, and more, stresses you out, and you just need some time to take a deep breath and remember to enjoy those rare moments of happiness when you can spend time with those who you love and care about.


Not Your Cup of Fashion


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  1. Stunning Chrome Nails!!! πŸ‘Œ I do nail art Loveyourmanicure.wordpress.com 😊😊😊

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