Urban Decay: VICE Junkie Lipstick Palette


It’s my great pleasure to announce that I’ve ventured out of my comfort zone of buying and reviewing eyeshadows, and into the world of lipsticks! I’ve literally been eyeing the Urban Decay: Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette since I’d received a catalog from Ulta in the mail around the fall. Unfortunately, one day when I’d convinced myself to finally order it this year because it had gone from $35.00 to $20.00, it was already sold out!

I’d heard about another palette that was exclusive to Sephora, which was the Urban Decay: Junkie Vice Lipstick Palette. While both palettes have some lipstick shades that are identical, there are a few that make each palette their own. I thought I was initially crazy for taking a leap of faith and ordering a lipstick palette with colors so out of my comfort zone. As I’ve experimented with each one, I’ve pictured different occasions of when I could wear them.


And can we take a moment to obsess over the gunmetal silver packaging?  Urban Decay, you’ve truly created a showstopper! If that isn’t enough, Urban Decay took that extra step to ensure that the inside of the lipstick palette was just as beautiful. There’s a full stunning mirror on the inside of the lid that bends back and stays in place where you want it to, and a protective cover that opens like a book to keep your lipsticks from smudging on the mirror, as well as any dust, or possibility of accidentally opening during travel. The protective cover is written in gorgeous cursive and says, “Lipstick is my vice.” When you flip the cover over, then the real magic is revealed as you find yourself staring at twelve unique lipsticks.


What I absolutely love about this palette, is that the lipstick wells are the perfect size to try out twelve different shades, and it includes a lip brush that opens and closes like a retractable pen, and seals the end shut with a little cover. I’ve used the brush countless times during swatching, as well as applying lipstick in the car, and reapplying for touch ups. It does a fantastic job at being perfectly shaped to fill in the cupid’s bow of the lip, and create sleek lines. Though, there were times I wish it came with another brush that were wider to fill in the rest of the lips with one, or two sweeping motions.

Also, with deeply colored lipsticks such as Disturbed, 714, Wrath, Big Bang, Firebird, Speedball, and Junkie, the brush hairs were easily stained. While makeup remover wipes took off most of the product, it wasn’t strong enough to remove all of the color from the brush.


Below, are the lipstick descriptions according to Sephora’s website (side notes written by myself will be marked with a bulleted list below each lipstick):

Disturbed (deep brick red)

  • Very pigmented matte, can be built up. Has a berry/wine color when applied that would be a gorgeous lipstick for the fall.

714 (bright red)

  • Creamy bright red/coral, highly pigmented. This lipstick is definitely a showstopper, and reminds you that summer is just around the corner! It’s a very pigmented matte lipstick.

Carnal (medium warm nude)

  • A matte light cognac brown/pink. A shade darker than Safe Word. The perfect colored lipstick for those days you want to have a natural look, and are making a coffee run to Starbucks on your day off.

Safe Word (neutral nude-pink)

  • A light brown matte, and my personal favorite lipstick of the palette. Can be somewhat drying and sticks to dry spots on lips. Lasts about 2-3 hours if eating, or drinking. If you do not eat or drink anything while wearing, then it lasts at least 5 hours before starting to fade. Make sure to exfoliate lips, or prime lips with a balm before applying lipstick for best results. Also looks very pretty with Whip as a layer on top.

Studded (metallic gray-brown)

  • A shimmery sheer lipstick that is best used as a topper, but can be layered to build opacity. Does not have a long staying power. Easily comes off with drinking, or eating, but is more moisturizing than the matte lipsticks.

Whip (soft pink with gold iridescent shimmer)

  • Great to wear alone as a lip gloss type lipstick, or as a top coat for other lipsticks.

Wrath (metallic red)

  • A firecracker red that reminds me of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers from The Wizard of Oz. The pictures do not do it justice, it applies so smoothly without being patchy. It would be a great lipstick to wear for a New Years Eve party, a girls’ night out, or a special occasion where you want to dress up.

Big Bang (bright pink sparkle)

  • This lipstick reminds me of a Barbie pink, with that extra sparkle. The glitter is a lot more concentrated in this lipstick compared to the other metallics.

Firebird (deep fuchsia)

  • Not a matte lipstick, nor is it a metallic. Firebird has a nice shine to it, and is a very pigmented fuchsia when layered several times.

Vanity Kills (lavender)

  • A matte lipstick that can be worn with one layer and have a subtle lavender sheen, or built up with several layers to intensify.

Speedball (deep vibrant purple)

  • A dark purple with a little shine. Easy to apply and does not adhere to any dry skin on lips. Tends to leave a slight pink stain on the lips after use.

Junkie (metallic teal shimmer with gold micro-sparkle)

  • Very sheer, and has a problem where the product shifts when applied. Has to be layered at least five times to reach its full pigmentation. I feel like this lipstick would be great to wear for special holidays like Saint Patrick’s Day, Halloween, or if you are a makeup junkie and dare to wear and rock it!


While all twelve lipsticks are breathtaking in their own ways, most don’t have a strong resistance to fading, when eating or drinking. However, if you plan on just going out for a few hours to shop, party, work, or go to school, and know you can touch up on your makeup on a quick break, then this palette is worth getting because you can have the luxury of having a variety of lipsticks to coordinate with outfits!

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  1. I’m loving your blog so far!

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  2. Lovely post!! I also have the Vice pallet, but in the other shades! So pretty, I should give it some more love!! xoxo Sarah

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    1. Thank you! I love how there are so many shades to combine, or create an ombré lip look. Ah, the Blackmail palette looks gorgeous! The Blackmail lipstick is one of the main reasons why I wanted that one in the beginning.

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      1. I should play with it more, so that I can write a post about it! Love the ombre idea!! xoxo Sarah

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