BECCA: Shadow & Light Brow Contour Mousse


Ever since I watched one of Jaclyn Hill’s YouTube videos about her collaboration with BECCA Cosmetics, I became curious about the brand. I scrolled through hundreds of pictures on Pinterest of BECCA highlighters, and perused through the websites of Ulta and Sephora looking at highlighter sets and tried to decide whether or not it would be worth the splurge. At the time, I couldn’t justify buying $38.00 worth of highlighter when I’d found Wet n Wild: To Reflect Shimmer Palette in A067 Boozy Brunch for $5.99. And according to reviews, it was supposed to be a close duplicate to Champagne Pop.


BECCA Cosmetics is a bit on the pricey side, so when I ran out of my new favorite brow product by Benefit, I wanted to try something different that had more product, filled in the sparseness, and had the same longevity. I was doing another search on Sephora’s website when I came across the BECCA: Shadow & Light Brow Contour Mousse. Originally, the price was $25.00, but was marked down to $12.50, which I felt was a great deal.


While I wish there was more of shade selection, I made do with the color Mocha. When built up, the brown can intensify to a deep brown. However, I noticed at first that it had somewhat of a mahogany tinge when applied lightly. My hair color is somewhat of a dark brown at the moment, so while it blended in with my brow hairs for the most part, it did have a little difficulty blending well in spaces without brow hairs, and the mahogany tinge seemed more evident. I did discover that making your brows appear more natural with this brow mousse can be achieved by using a spoolie to help blend in the product, feathering out the harsh edges, and creating thin lines to mimic brow hairs.


(Swatches of the BECCA Brow Contour Mousse on the left side, and brow highlight on the right.)

As for wearing the brow mousse on my eyebrows through a nine hour work day, it has lasted without the product shifting, or fading. I’ve been wearing this product for a whole week now along with the brow highlighter that it includes, and it has continuously proven that it is a great addition to my makeup collection. I’ve barely made a dent in the product so far, which makes me hopeful that this will last at least six months, and possibly a whole year. And if we are doing the math, then $12.50 divided by 365 days is about 3 cents per day for the cost per wear. That definitely makes it worth it!

Not Your Cup of Fashionย 


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