Voluspa: Apple & Blue Clover Candle


My breath was taken away by the ethereal beauty of all of Voluspa’s candle tin designs. When I was searching for new candle brands on Nordstrom, the artwork of Voluspa caught my attention. Each candle has something exquisite about it, whether it’s the perfect combination of notes that fit in harmony, or the little details of the packaging that make it a keepsake long after its use. Needless to say, before I knew it, an hour had passed where I was literally debating between buying Yuzu Rose Stonecrop, or Apple & Blue Clover. It was my love of the color blue, butterflies, flowers, clovers, and apples that won my heart over to Apple & Blue Clover.


While I could not detect much of an apple scent, the mini 4 oz candle does emit a powerful note of clover which reminds you of the beginning of summer with freshly cut grass, flowers in bloom, and the joy of making clover flower crowns in your youth. In a way, it has combined a nod to a subtle perfume and an earthy note. The Nordstrom site describes all of the notes as blue clover, apple, magnolia, oak moss, and musk. So, it makes sense that the other notes would ultimately overpower the apple.


The Voluspa: Apple & Blue Clover candle has a burn time of 25 hours, but I’d recommend not burning it for more than an hour given that the fragrance is strong enough to last even after the flame is out. This scent is definitely something I’ll have to get used to, because this is the first time I have tried a candle with a musk note, but I do love that it instantly freshens up your room and reminds you that spring and summer are just around the corner.

Not Your Cup of Fashion

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