Antica Farmacista: Lemon, Verbena & Cedar Votive Candle


A few weeks ago, my favorite Yankee Candle: Picnic in the Park, burnt down to the end of its wick. It was one of my favorite mini jar candles, because the scent was fresh and clean, like a summer breeze, and it was not overwhelmingly fragrant like a perfume. While I love Yankee Candle, I decided that now would be the perfect time to try a new candle brand.

Nordstrom is one of my greatest loves. While it is known for being an expensive store, if you know where to look, and when to look, you can find some great hidden gems on their website. Plus, their shipping is always free. During their summer sales, you can definitely find gorgeous handbags that may not be a top designer brand, but are well-constructed and on trend.


What not a lot of people know, is that Nordstrom carries a few different brands of candles such as Voluspa, Capri Blue, Jo Malone, diptyque, ILLUME, and Antica Farmacista to name a few… I noticed that Voluspa and Antica Farmacista had a lovely selection of mini candles that were only $8.00 each, so I couldn’t help but buy one candle from each brand. I’ll be reviewing the Voluspa: Apple & Blue Clover candle in a separate post, so stay tuned!

On the Nordstrom Website, the notes of the candle are described as tart lemon, orange, lemongrass, Italian Verbena, white florals, and cedar wood. The mini candle weighs in at 3 oz with a burn time of 20 hours, and is made of a soy and paraffin wax blend.


Yesterday, the Antica Farmacista candle arrived in the mail on a day that I needed it the most. I rarely get sick, but this week has been a battle with every cold symptom possible. So, when I opened up the package and lit the candle in my room for a few hours, it cheered me up a little bit. The aroma of the candle reminded me of Dove soap with a hint of lemon. It wasn’t overwhelming, but a pleasant, subtle, and clean scent.

Even after you use up all of the candle, because the container is made of glass, you could repurpose it into a small flower vase, or a place to keep paper clips, or bobby pins. The hint of lemon, and the endless possibilities of how to repurpose the glass afterwards, will make this candle a beautiful addition to your home.

Not Your Cup of Fashion

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