A Little Inspiration


If you’re as much of a Pinterest geek as I am, then you’ve probably pinned at least a million pictures of your dream office space, or dream desk with accessories, and possibly the artwork that would be framed on your wall. I’ve seen a ton of Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade desk accessories and planners that are gorgeous, but I can’t imagine myself splurging on desk decor, or buying everything from those brands at the moment.

The day before my road trip, I went to Walgreens to buy some travel-sized hair products, as well as Post-It notes. I wandered to the office supply aisle and became distracted the moment I saw…cats. There were cartoon cat drawings that bordered the note pad, and the best part was the top that read, ‘Write Meow’. So much for buying regular Post-It notes! I love cats, so of course I had to buy it. An additional feature of the note pad is that it also has a magnet attached to the back which makes it perfect for keeping on your refrigerator to reinforce daily reminders, or maybe you may just need one to tear off and write a grocery list.

I have to admit that Walgreens has certainly upped their game when it comes to the selection of journals, because I found a few that were very cute that I spent a good fifteen minutes trying to decide between. Ultimately, I chose the journal that was a medium size and perfect for travelling with, had a pretty floral print with a quote that read, “The Earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. Among all of the choices, it turned out to be the best given that it had a hard cover, good quality medium weight paper, a sewn binding, an attached ribbon bookmark, and a small decorative space on each page for entry dates and times. Even though it’s not a Kate Spade, or Lilly Pulitzer journal, or agenda, it’s still just as cute, and more affordable. Lately, even Target has had a good selection of agendas and notebooks as well.

I’m usually never one to write drafts of my blog articles in a journal, because I don’t like erasing, or crossing out mistakes with a pen. Typing on the computer is my preferred choice, but I’ve recently found that handwriting is a nice change because it slows your thoughts down just a little so that your mind seems more relaxed and in tune with them. I love how even writing in a journal with a cute picture, a phrase, or a quote on the front cover can brighten your day just a little bit, and inspire you to write down all of your ideas, hopes, and dreams.

Not Your Cup of Fashion 


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