Road Trip Playlist


This weekend, I’m so excited to finally have a few days off of work to take a road trip to visit one of my best friends. Usually, we only see each other once every two months, or sometimes only two or three times a year because of school and work. The drive to visit is a couple of hours, so having good music playing in the car is essential. I find that while the radio does have a selection of popular songs, it tends to repeat a lot within the two hour frame, so having a variety is always nice. So, if you’re ever going on a trip somewhere, whether it is to school, work, visiting someone, or a vacation, hopefully you’ll enjoy some of these songs along the way!

Here are a few songs from the playlist that I’ll take on my road trip:

1.) Driving Through a Dream by Andrew McMahon

2.) Someone New by Banks

3.) Where Love Went Wrong by Augustana

4.) Twenty Years by Augustana

5.) Seeing Stars (Acoustic) by  BØRNS

6.) Primavera by Ludovico Einaudi

 7.) Asleep by States

 8.) Clementine by Sarah Jaffe

 9.) I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bon Iver

10.) If I Be Wrong by Wolf Larsen

Not Your Cup of Fashion 




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