Beyond the Hype: Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette


When I discovered that the Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette was temporarily out of stock on, I let out a deep sigh of disappointment. Months ago, I’d seen it online and thought to myself that I’d just order it later on, because I’d spent too much over the holidays. It turns out, it was one of those situations where you see something that you really want and mentally take a note to get it later, only to find out that when that time comes it’s already gone.


I decided to take a look at another palette by Too Faced called the White Chocolate Chip Palette. Based on the photographs on the website, I fell in love with the white chocolate design, as well as the pastel and nude colored eyeshadows. I’d read through some of the ratings on Ulta, and a lot of negative reviews outweighed the positive ones. I figured that you never really know what something is like until you try it for yourself, so I went ahead and ordered it as an early Valentine’s Day treat. I waited for four days with the excitement of a kid at Christmas, eagerly awaiting the arrival of my order.


The package finally arrived at my doorstep, and when I opened the package, I was surprised at how small it actually was. The size of the palette is about the same size as the Tartelette Tease by Tarte, but the eyeshadows were half the size in comparison to Tarte. Each individual eyeshadow pan in dimension was 3/4 in. by 1/2 in., except for the longest matte shade called Glaze in the top left hand corner which is 1 3/4 in. by 1/2 in.




Pictured below are swatches of all of the eyeshadows using different methods of application such as by sponge tip applicators, brush strokes, and finger swatches. All swatches are without an eyeshadow primer, though I’d highly recommend using an eyeshadow primer such as Urban Decay: Anti-aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion, or Nyx: Proof It! Eyeshadow Primer, to avoid fading and decrease fallout of eyeshadows.

Sponge-tip Applicator Swatches 

imageDirect Natural Light

imageIndirect Natural Light

imageIndoor Lighting

Brush Swatches 

imageIndirect Sunlight

16780234_1565945323433593_173935014_nIndoor Lighting

Finger Swatches 

16754167_1565950633433062_99598367_nIndirect Sunlight

imageIndoor Lighting


Glaze: A pale creamy beige matte.

  • Works best as a base. Pigmentation can be built up.

Ambrosia: A pale peach matte.

  • Has a light pigmentation, only lasts about 4 hours before fading.

Exotica: A pale soft champagne gold satin eyeshadow.

  • A beautiful shade that pairs well with ambrosia as a cut crease, cookie dough on the outer third of the eye, and with black sugar as a winged liner that is smoked out on the outer corner.

Pearl Candy: A stark white frost eyeshadow.

  • Best used as an inner corner highlight for the eye. This shade was too pale and unflattering for my light/medium skin complexion. A lot of glitter fallout.

Raspberry Rose: A pale pink satin with gold reflects. Almost duochrome-like.

  • Tends to show up more of a pale gold on the skin, rather than pink.

Indulge: A light glittery taupe gold.

  • A flattering shimmer that shows up very light and almost silvery/gold when applied to skin.

Guilt-Free: A soft grayish taupe matte eyeshadow.

  • Definitely more flattering for cooler skin tones, though it works really well as a cut crease for warmer skin tones when combined with other eyeshadows for a smokey eye look.

Cake Batter: A light brownish/orange matte.

  • Very soft and creamy in texture, and shows up with a light to medium pigmentation.

Cookie Dough: A light hazelnut brown matte.

  • Has a subtle shimmer with finely milled glitter.
  • A great transition shade, or cut crease.

Sugared Raisin: A silver light plum lustre.

  • A beautiful shade to apply all over the eye that pairs well with black sugar on the outer corner. A little bit of glitter fallout.

Black Sugar: A black matte with silver glitter particles.

  • Very pigmented and works well as a liner, or for smokey eye looks. A bit of fallout.

Through testing all of the eyeshadows with different methods, I was able to come to the conclusion that you can get the best pigmentation through either using your fingers, a sponge-tip applicator, or an angled eyeliner brush for cut creases or winged liner with shadow. Using an eyeshadow brush for overall eyeshadow application is going to create too much of a kick up with the product with very minimal pigmentation.

Will this palette work for everyone? Probably not. Some of the eyeshadow shades are not universally flattering for every skin tone. Also, this palette will definitely need more care and effort when applying in order to reach its full potential. If you are searching for something that has the quality of Urban Decay’s metallic eyeshadows, this will not be the same buttery consistency with a deep pigmentation.

All of these eyeshadows are meant to be lighter nudes, or pastels, so remember to keep that in mind if you are considering purchasing this palette. Using the Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette is definitely a deep contrast to my usual smokey eye look used with Tarte’s deeply pigmented matte eyeshadows, but I will keep on experimenting with combining eyeshadows from this palette to achieve looks, as well as maybe pulling a few shades from other palettes.

As I remember, when I first bought the Tartelette Tease by Tarte, the shadows were somewhat chalky and faded easily. However, when I started using the product a lot, eventually the eyeshadows softened and started performing better and lasting longer. Maybe it’s just a matter of breaking through that first initial layer of eyeshadow, which I’m hoping is the case with this palette.

Not Your Cup of Fashion

Too Faced: White Chocolate Chip Palette

Mon Image: Sponge Applicators


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  1. Very informative blog! Too faced palette designs are so cute 💕

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    1. Yes! They have so many cute palettes. I love all of the themes that they choose for their collections. They are so creative.

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