Clinique, You Can Have My Heart


If you’ve ever suffered from dry skin, then you know that finding a great skin care product that performs miracles is of the utmost importance. I had run out of my favorite bottle of Simple: Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturizer, and had never gotten around to replacing it months ago. I tried to make do with a bottle of lotion, but when it came to makeup application, it didn’t always perform the best.



Finally, I gave in and searched for a small travel-sized moisturizer on Ulta and discovered Clinique’s Dramatically Diferent Moisturizing Gel for $5.00. And let me tell you, this product definitely lives up to the name. Within minutes of applying just three pea-sized drops to my face, my skin instantly felt refreshed, tightened, and silky soft. My dry skin was without a trace. At 0.5 fl oz, it’s about the size of a larger lip gloss, but still relatively tiny. The product consistency is very light and airy, and melts right into your skin without an oily residue.

When I ordered the gel moisturizer, it just so happened that Clinique was doing a gift with purchase so I received a free Travel Size Foaming Sonic Facial Soap.



Right before using the gel moisturizer, and after using a makeup remover, I used the foaming sonic facial soap to cleanse my face of any leftover foundation. It left my face feeling very clean and radiant.

Overall, I’d definitely repurchase Clinique’s Dramatically Different Gel Moisturizer in a larger quantity. Even though the 1.7 fl oz is $14.50, and the 4.2 fl oz is $27.00, I believe that they are well worth the splurge because of how well the product improves your skin.

Not Your Cup of Fashion


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  1. Great post! I’ve never used any Clinique products but I know many who swear by them!

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