The Simplicity of Stripes


Last year, I bought my first striped body con midi dress from Abercrombie and fell in love with the effortless simplicity of being able to style a striped dress with almost anything. You can dress it up with key statement jewelry pieces and a cardigan, or blazer, create a casual look with a denim jacket, or toughen up the look with a faux leather bomber jacket.

I’ve found that a striped dress is really my go-to outfit when I want to throw together a quick outfit for work, or shopping with friends, that is stylish, but doesn’t require searching through dozens of pieces in your closet to create an ensemble, or buying too many new clothes to go with. Recently, I had bought a long v-neck cardigan from Kohls, and I love how chic the dress looks when paired with a deep teal color.


I decided to add my favorite gold leaf ribbon necklace from Francesca’s, which helped to brighten up the outfit with a touch of metallic gold leaves, as well as create the illusion of an elongated neckline in contrast to the high neckline that the dress incorporates.

I didn’t realize the importance of jewelry, handbags, and shoes, and how they can completely set the tone of an outfit, until I worked in retail years ago. One of my favorite things about working there was coordinating pieces together to display on the mannequins. Through not only styling mannequins, but styling outfits for clients there, it helped me to learn more about what pieces of clothing are flattering when paired together, and what accessories compliment them.

Not Your Cup of Fashion 


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