If Only We Could Dream in Music


I was a Freshman in college when I first heard about Pandora from a few of my classmates. No, not the ever popular silver charm bracelets that everyone and their mother seem to have. Though, I have a feeling that maybe a few of you may have thought that. There is another Pandora that exists online which is the largest collective library of songs that one could imagine. Think of your favorite artist, song, or genre of music, type in the name and create a station without spending a penny.

Listening to songs through Pandora has not only let me fall into a beautiful day dream-like daze at any given hour, but it has made me fall in love with songs, and discover artists that I’ve never heard of before. Throughout studying and working on homework during my college years, and many hours of staying in the design lab after classes to work on flat patterns, draping, and sewing, Pandora was my best friend that carried me through a magical, musical journey and kept me going.

Nowadays, I work often and don’t always have time to listen to music for long periods of time. However, when I do get a day off, or a few, if I’m lucky, I love to get lost in the world of Pandora and let my mind drift away into the early hours while the rest of the world is asleep.

Here’s a collection of my favorite songs that I’ve discovered throughout the years:

1.) My Love by Jess Glynne

2.) Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwich

3.) The Night Out by Martin Solveig

4.) Dreamin by GOLDHOUSE

5.) Say My Name (feat Zyra) by ODESZA

6.) Lisztomania by Phoenix

7.) These Ghosts, My Hopes, The Sand, The Sea by Daphne Loves Derby

8.) Steel City by My Favorite Highway

9.) Begin Again by Purity Ring

10.) Satellite by Steve Moakler

Not Your Cup of Fashion


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