The Beauty in Travel-Sized

I have a confession to make…I am a makeup hoarder. Recently, I took all of my eyeshadows, lip balms, makeup brushes, blushes, eyeliners, and threw them away. They were sitting in a pink floral Clinique makeup bag for years. I had collected every makeup item that I had once fallen in love with, but had forgotten about as time had passed.

The awful part was that I had built up so much of an ever-accumulating mess. How I had gotten to that point is beyond me. Somehow, throughout the years, I couldn’t part with all of my eye shadows and funky colored eye liners. It was like they had oddly become a part of my past identity; each held a special memory in my heart of when I had worn them to special events in my life.

As everyone knows, sometimes it’s a good thing to let go of what was in your past to start a new chapter of your life. Now that I’ve begun my new adventure with makeup, I have limited my makeup collection to two main eyeshadow palettes, two smaller duo palettes, a few lipsticks, two blushes, sample-sized mascara, and the essentials of a basic foundation for my face.

It’s nice to simplify things, and it keeps everything from taking up so much space and stays organized. AKA, It prevents me from becoming a messy makeup monster. Eventually, I’m sure my makeup collection will add a few new pieces with time, but I’ll be better in the future about throwing out products that no longer receive as much use. At least, I hope so. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.


After my purge of old makeup, I made a trip to Walgreens to replace some of the essential things I needed. A few items that I had picked up that have become my new travel-sized favorites, which are especially great for all owners of small purses who know the struggle is real when trying to find extra space are: ECOTOOLS Mini Essentials Set, Rimmel Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer & Highlighter #240 Fair/Light Neutral, and Simple: Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer.

Previously, I had owned the full-sized brush kit from ECOTOOLS, but this time I decided to try out their Mini Essentials Set. This included three brushes for shading, a basic blush/finish brush, and an angled brush for definition. I figured this would be a reliable kit that I could take anywhere with me, even when I carry my smallest purse.

So, what are some of the great things about this kit?


Shade Brush

  • Perfect for overall eyeshadow application
  • Smoothly buffs out color lightly to blend





Finish Brush

  • Great for light dusting of matte powders
  • Subtle buildup of blush


Define Brush

  • Great angled brush for creating sharp lines with eyeshadow to mimic eyeliner.
  • Assists to create color gradients of eyeshadows
  • Blends effortlessly



One of the other items I had picked up was Rimmel: Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer & Highlighter. I wanted to try something new after using up and throwing out Maybelline’s Dream Pure BB 8-in 1 Beauty Balm. I realized just how heavy the BB cream felt on my face, and the color and consistency made my skin seem more aged than it actually was. I normally love Maybelline, but this particular BB cream just wasn’t for me.

Needless to say, I felt that concealer/highlighter would definitely be the key to brightening up my face; I was curious to find out about how the match perfection would work with my skin tone. The result of trying the product was nothing but a marriage of love and happiness with all the great benefits it provided. Here is a breakdown of everything I appreciated the most, a few cons, and some helpful tips.

Brush Applicator

  • Distributes product
  • Minimizes the use of bringing other makeup brushes when traveling
  • Brush bristles are plastic and slightly stiff.
  • Clean the brush with makeup remover after each use to prevent the product from clumping.

Brush Cap

  • Makes product secure for traveling; screws on tightly
  • Keeps product from drying out

Concealer & Highlighter

  • Illuminates face
  • Helps to camouflage look of redness from breakouts, dark spots, and under eye circles.
  • Matches skin tone when blended. (Key Tip: I minimized the use of Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder on top after application by using lightly in certain spots to avoid any fine lines or creasing.)
  • Feels lightweight


Moving on to making your life even better, is the Simple: Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer, which is basically the fountain of youth for skin care. It’s a moisturizer I know I’ll keep buying until the end of the world. After four days of use from morning to nighttime, I had noticed how much of an improvement it made to my skin. So, without further ado…I will share with all of you the fantastic, jump-for-joy qualities that will change your life.

Plastic Cylinder Container with Cap

  • Secures and protects the product from getting messy, or drying out

Distributive Lotion-Like Pump Nozzle

  • Offers easy accessibility to the product in the perfect amount

Gel Moisturizer

  • Clear formula
  • No harsh chemicals, artificial perfumes, or dyes
  • Effectively hydrates skin
  • Brightens dark under eye circles
  • Helps makeup look more polished

So, there you go! A list of my new favorite essential beauty products that have the benefit of being small enough to travel with and are mess proof so you won’t have to worry about the inside of your purse looking like the aftermath of a makeup tornado. Hopefully, you guys will give these a try, and fall in love with them.

Have a happy November!

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  1. Orchidowl says:

    Love this! I’m definitely going to try that moisturizer. Can’t wait to read more of your posts!


    1. Thanks, best friend! 🙂


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