Tea for Tuesdays: TAZO organic baked cinnamon apple


‘Tis the season for cinnamon apple spice, and a hot drink with no ice… And what better way to warm up, given the chilly autumn weather, than to enjoy a nice teacup full of TAZO: organic baked cinnamon apple tea!

I’ve shopped at the grocery store many times before and passed the tea and coffee aisle numerous times. Every single trip, I passed that box of TAZO: organic baked cinnamon apple tea. The picture made it look delicious, and the name made it sound amazing. It taunted me in the summer for months. For some reason, I just didn’t buy it at first, even though part of me wanted to. Maybe it was the extremely hot 90-degree weather and humidity level that had something to do with repelling my hand from wanting to snatch that little gem off of the shelves and place it into my shopping cart.

All I know was that as soon as October came, the crisp fall air became chilled, the bright orange, red, brown, and yellow leaves had started to settle on the ground, and the sky transformed into a gray overcast, cloudy mess with rain included… Suddenly, making tea seemed like a comforting and very warm thought. And one day, I decided to buy that box of tea on the shelf and give it a new home.


I steeped my first cup of tea for a good 4 minutes, and the aroma of cinnamon and spices filled the air. It had a sweet, yet strong aroma of apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar. The odd thing was that I hadn’t even added sugar to it yet. It was like fall in a teacup. After swirling in a few spoonfuls of sugar, I took a sip of what tasted like apple pie. It was indescribable. Even after one cup, you feel like you could drink a million more and never get tired of it. It’s like a warm hug that lingers after you make it to the bottom of the teacup. I just love TAZO tea.


If anyone is ever looking for a new tea to try, definitely give this one a chance to win over your heart. Your taste buds will be singing a sweet cinnamony song of victory!

Not Your Cup of Fashion 


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