Floral Coasters

As summer has officially ended with the leaves changed to crisp burnt oranges, reds, browns, and yellows… It’s a reminder that colder weather has arrived. Most of the time we start wearing layers upon layers of clothing, darker colors, and think of breezy weather with the leaves rustling along the sidewalk, chai teas, pumpkin spice lattes, and hot cocoa. Even though a glimpse of the warm weather is left, that doesn’t mean the summer’s bright and vibrant colors have to go, too. Most likely, you’ll still need something to place under your teacups and coffee mugs. What better idea to brighten up your home, than with some floral coasters!

I was wandering around Wal-Mart one day looking for cactus soil… Moreover, you know how you walk into a store determined to find the one thing on your list that you came in to buy, only not to find it, or to become distracted and ultimately pick up something else instead? Well, needless to say, my mission to find cactus soil for my indoor succulent at home ended up being a failure.

I pushed my shopping cart down the aisle that I tend to browse through, which is the craft section. I am one of those people who could spend forever pacing down the same craft aisle for a good thirty minutes, to an hour, trying to negotiate between several different colors of yarn, or how to pair different beads together. It just so happened that artificial flowers and burlap were in the same aisle as the beads and yarn. The printed rolls of burlap were so beautiful. I loved the contrast of the mushroom colored burlap stripes with the teal stripes.


Another roll of burlap that I spotted was a chevron print of mushroom and navy blue. I could not decide between the two, so I placed both into the shopping cart. I wondered what in the world I was going to do with two rolls of printed burlap. As I looked up, I remembered that the flowers were right in front of me, and then it just clicked…coasters!

Conveniently, a glue gun with glue sticks was also next to the burlap, so I threw that in the cart as well. I looked over the flower selection but did not see flowers that would work with what I had in mind. So, I ventured to Hobby Lobby and found a variety of small colored rosettes. I decided that white rosettes would be stunning paired with the navy chevron, and pink rosettes would look very colorful against the teal stripes. I thought about what kind of coaster would work well with the texture and color of the burlap, and cork coasters came to mind.


I have to admit, the first time I experimented with how to arrange the flowers it wound up a hot glue gun mess. I tried bordering the entire coaster with flowers and leaves, but it appeared a bit overwhelming and covered a large majority of the burlap print. I decided it would be best to place three flowers and a few leaves on the upper left corner so the burlap and chevron stripes were present. The result was lovely.

*Side Note: For different seasons, you can always find different printed burlap, or use artificial autumn leaves for fall, pine cones, or decorative pine branches for winter.


  • Printed Burlap
  • Artificial Rosettes with Leaves (3 rosettes per coaster)
  • Cork Coasters
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Step 1: Make sure to plug the glue gun into an outlet with glue stick inserted for a good five minutes to heat up the glue. Time may vary with glue gun size, but follow the directions that come in the package.


Step 2: Use a pencil to either trace the outline of the coaster on the back of the burlap or hold the coaster against the burlap and cut out a copy of the shape.


Step 3: Glue burlap square onto the cork coaster. Start hot gluing from the top left corner to the top right corner in a straight line. Repeat in glue lines across half of the cork coaster and press fabric down gently. Repeat for the other half of the coaster.



Step 4: Cut rosettes and leaves off of the stem. Make sure to try to cut the green bottom of each rosette so that it is as flat as possible without losing its shape.

Step 5: Cut each leaf off the stems.



Step 6: Arrange leaves in the upper left corner of the coaster; glue in place.




Step 7: Make sure to glue each layer of the rosette so it does not fall apart and reinforces the structure. Place one rosette on top of the leaves. Leave enough space for two small rosettes to fit on either side.


Step 8: Find two rosettes and peel off layers to reduce in size. Glue layers into place, glue on each side of the rosette, and slide slightly under the middle rosette.

Step 9: Add any leaves that may need to fill in gaps of space.



Step 10: Voilà, it is finished!


Not Your Cup of Fashion 


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